Tangshan Shengcai Steel Co., Ltd

        Founded in 1996, Tangshan Shengcai Steel Co., Ltd. is loca
        ted in Angezhuang Town, Luannan County, 20km away from
        Tangshan in the east, 3km away from Qingtuoying Station of
        Tanggang Expressway in the north, 100km away from Tianjin
        Port in the west, 50km away from Jingtang Port...

        In South Factory, there are two section steel production lines
        to produce 125-250 equal or unequal angle steel and 25-40
        channel steel,  with an annual production of 1 million tonnag
        es. Is specializing in the production of hot rolled steel enterp
        rises. With emphasis on quality management...

        In North Factory, there are one section steel production line to
        produce 40-125 equal or unequal angle steel with an annual
        production of 0.6 million tonnages, and one strip steel produc
        tion line to produce 145-355 strip steel with an annual produc
        tion of 0.75 million tonnages...

              Add: South of Xinghonglin Village, Angezhuang Town
              Luannan County, Tangshan, Hebei,China
              Export Department:
              Add: Room 1809,Land Marks In City, No.30 Xinhua West Road ,Tangshan, China 
              Tangshan, China
              Tel: +86-315-6328838
              Fax: +86-315-6328837

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